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02:43 PM subtle Bug #307: gtk3 does not work correctly in subtle
Christoph Kappel wrote:
menu window is a child of the client's root window.
> but tell me the name of the app and ...


12:30 PM subtle Bug #307 (Unconfirmed): gtk3 does not work correctly in subtle
Menus, rightclick menus and dropdowns open up at random places in subtle.
I tried to reproduce this in dwm, i3, herbs...


07:49 PM subtle Bug #306 (Rejected): Clock sublet stops refreshing (randomly?)
Every now and the time in clock sublet is very far behind real time, sometimes a whole hour or more.
reloading subtle...


12:30 AM subtle Bug #241 (Fixed): floating windows are not kept on top.
Maybe this behavior is desired, but i find it highly uncomfortable.
Example: I watch an episode of some series and d...


09:38 PM subtle Bug #239 (Fixed): Mplayer loses focus on view switch
if user switches views while (sticky) mplayer is active, mplayer will lose focus.
2 ways to see this:
a) start mpla...


12:50 PM subtle Bug #153 (Fixed): Skype message windows remain open, but visible on close
Just as the topic says, open a message window in skype and close it. You will not be able to open the same message wi...


05:00 PM subtle Bug #152 (Fixed): floating windows move below other windows on view switch
example mplayer: open a movie in mplayer. Switch between some views with open windows on them.
Watch mplayer move bel...

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